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Skive Motorflyveklub, which is in Skive Airfield (EKSV), has a good offer for our Danish and international friends. Come and pay us a visit, and we can offer you to stay overnight at a reasonable price. E.g. by letting the weekend trip of your club goes to Skive not spending money at expensive hotels. Part of our clubhouse is organized so that we can put up with 9 guests in two bedrooms. There is a furnished sitting room, kitchen with fridge, toilet and shower. (See pictures on this site).

Besides there is an opportunity of camping just outside the clubhouse. (We can talk about the use of shower and kitchen) The clubhouse lies in the recreation area not far from the terminal building. (See map.) During the night it is a very quiet place. We are far away from the noise of the roads.
In the two bedrooms there are 9 bunks. (Bring your own sleeping bags or rent bedclothes here).

Two km. from the field there is a cafeteria (Benta´s Cafeteria. – telephone 97535058). The cafeteria, where the food is said to be very good, is pretty near the main road A 26. Alternatively there is Højslev Kro (Inn) in Højslev town or a lot of other places to eat in Skive city about 10 km. away. (Skive Taxi no 97524700.)

So why don't pay us a visit? It is cheap, and we are close by the beautiful Limfjorden. See the brewery at Fur, the bats in the limestone quarry nearby, the moors of Hjerl Hede or another of the exciting places ( Or just enjoy a refreshment from the fridge which will be provided with beer and lemonade at club prices.

We have an excellent asphalt runway (14/32) of 1200 metres. And polite self-service. Call 130,575 MHz and tell what you are doing. Fuel 100 LL on PPR. Notice that during the summer there is gliding in the north-eastern part of the field. So motor planes are accustomed to right-rounds circuit to RWY 14 and. left-rounds circuit to RWY 32.The gliders around the field listen to 130,575 MHz.

To the left the runway with RWY 32 in the lower left corner
Klubhus Prices:
  • 100 per. Bunk (incl.use of bath and kitchen)
  • 25 for bedclothes.
  • 500 per 1 day and night for the whole house (incl.bath /kitchen)
Are you interested, please contact! (rather some days before the visit.)

Søe-Knudsen: 2945 0033 eller/og 9754 1484

Or Tommy Korsholt +45 2925 0859

Page updated: 25/09-2020